Alice Calderbank


Isobel Contance...
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I was a child alone very very alone in a dark damp cold room. I was crying. I was dying... Starving to death I was so skinny. My cheeks hollow, my skin pale. My hair was a reddish brown and my eyes were blue and vacant, they seemed far far away. I was about 6 years old and I wanted to get out. I could hear laughter but it sounded far away. The most important decision I had ever made was taking my twin sisters place in the prison I was in. I didn’t know what she had done but I didn’t want her to suffer so we swapped places. I didn’t regret the decision and took comfort in the fact that she was free and hopefully safe. We were so young... I missed my family greatly. Everything I owned was taken from me when I was put in the awful place.

My name was Isobel Constance... I am walking along wearing beautiful brown riding boots and a white and blue dress... It is muddy at the hem. I am laughing... There is someone else with me... A man he has shaggy dark hair and deep deep blue eyes. He is helping me up onto a horse. We begin to ride together. The horse’s main is soft to touch. We are going fast now... Very fast. I hear a scream. He's on the ground blood pouring from his head. He is losing consciousnesses quickly. I am by his side now crying and screaming for someone to help... No one comes...

These visions come to me often... Visions from the past... I am now Alice, Alice Calderbank... I died before... I died when I was Isobel... But I came back... In this new form... In a new time period... As I child I played pretend games... With imaginary friends who I thought to be real... I called myself Isobel often... I would speak using odd old English... My parents couldn't understand why...

At the age of 6 I was sent to a mad hospital... There I was experimented on... It was... painful... No... Painful isn't a strong enough word to describe the agony I went through... It was... It was torture...

At 10 I escaped... I don't really remember how... But I ended up here at the strange yet wonderful ouroboros society for the ones who have life eternal...

Now, someone is after me... They want me dead... There name, impossible to pronounce...

I'm scared... Very scared... I think I am going to die.




Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born November 13, 1999
Family Father: Joshua Rendered
Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5'2
Affiliation Her sister
Quests None

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Alice has blonde hair, and glazs eyes. Her hair colour sometimes varies in shades.

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