♅ Edward Charles ♅

Ghost Whisperer
(This Character Belongs Audy )

Basic Info
Full Name Edward Charles Ashdown
Meaning WIP
Born November 1, 1994
Current Age 18
Gender male
Species Demigod and Reincarnate Child
Sexuality Bisexual
Status Alive



Family Info
Mother Melinoe
Father John Ashdown
Step-mother None
Siblings Clara Elizabeth Ashdown
Half-Siblings on Godly Parent side Melinoe's Kids

Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5
Weight 120 lbs.
Nationality American
Native Language English
Ethnicity Caucasian
Languages Spoken English
Health Status Healthy
Abilities Drawing
Clothing Style Lots of grey
Distinguishing Marks alabaster skin
Body Style thin


He is...


Name Relation Feelings
Melinoe Mother Never met her...


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