Coraline Pond
Died inThe Great Fire of London


Basic Info
Full Name Oswin Odair
Pronunciation Oz-win
Born October 21st 1995
Died Coraline: Great fire of London
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Species Human
Sexuality Bicurious
Status Alive


Coraline Pond was me before my death. I died at the age of 15... I was asleep in my house and the fire came to claim me...
My name is now Oswin Odair... I still have visions reminding me that I am am different. I am a girl who has lived twice.
Background Info

Hometown London
Type of Childhood Odd
Most Important Event -
Type of Smarts Street and book smarts
Religious Views
Earliest Memory
Firsts Kiss = N/A

Sex = N/A
Love =N/A

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